Audience: – developers who already know TDD, and want to learn the tools and techniques for test driving iOS apps – iOS developers who want to learn more about test driven development, but with some familiarity with automated testing (ie. this workshop is not meant to be an introduction to test driven development in general)

Summary: Test driven development and iOS apps are usually not heard in the same sentence, but it’s certainly possible to apply TDD to iOS apps. Let’s look at the current landscape of tools for automated iOS testing and settle into that relaxing red, green, refactor cycle while adding features to a real iOS app. You’ll learn:

  • how to transfer existing TDD skills to the quirky iOS landscape (see what’s the same and what’s different)
  • how to run your unit tests in the iOS UI environment, so you can access iOS specific frameworks not available on your Mac
  • which testing, mocking and matching libraries to use to help write more descriptive tests
  • which parts of an app should be the focus of your testing effort and how to structure this in Xcode
  • to make sure your tests are running regularly in a CI environment
  • how to use TDD to add some typical features to an iOS app